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What's new in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer 7.0.1
Personal interviewing
GPS feature: This feature allows surveys to record the geolocation information for personal interviews. The feature is used when performing personal interviews in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer.
For more information, see GPS feature.
Recording: This feature supports the recording of Personal interviews (the entire interview or individual questions). The implementation is similar to audio recording for phone interviews.
For more information, see Recording.
Image capture: This feature supports the capture of image files in personal interviews. The feature is used when performing personal interviews in Interviewer.
For more information, see Image Capture.
Performance enhancements
The SyncWebServiceV2 has been updated to support real time cache transfers. The updates include removing settings from the SyncWebServiceV2 web.config file while adding four new settings. For more information, see SyncWebServiceV2 support for real time cache transfers.
Synchronizing only the logged-in user. By default, the synchronization process synchronizes data for all interviewers on a particular client computer. The SyncLoggedInUserOnly setting overrides the default synchronization behavior and only synchronizes data for the currently logged-in interviewer.
The new stored procedure sp_DeleteExpiredInterviewerSyncSessions deletes any entry from the InterviewerSyncSessions table that has a StartTime earlier than the current time minus the InterviewerSyncSessionDataExpiresInDays value. The stored procedure also deletes any rows from the other tables that are associated with deleted sessions in the InterviewerSyncSessions table. For more information, see Maintaining databases.
The UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer login screen now defaults to the last used cluster, instead of the first cluster listed in the InterviewPlayer.config file.
The ArchiveDeletedProject setting controls *.dpp package creation. When set to true, *.dpp packages are created whenever projects are deleted or removed. For more information, see Controlling deleted projects.
Support for Brazilian Portuguese: The user interface controls and messages are now available in Brazilian Portuguese.
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