Data Management performance guidelines white paper
Data Management performance guidelines white paper
Data processing that uses UNICOM Intelligence Data Management Scripting (DMS) can exhibit poor performance. A number of reasons are attributed to the poor DMS performance:
The Data Source Components (DSCs), used for reading and writing data, are optimized for different purposes and do not perform well in all scenarios.
Each DSC supports different features. Extra data processing steps must be introduced to use a specific DSC, to achieve the required output, or to attain acceptable performance.
Inefficient DMS event script, mainly within the OnNextCase event, results in long execution times. The following reasons are given for inefficient event scripts:
There are no clear scripting guidelines for creating efficient data management scripts.
There are few built-in functions available for simplifying data management operations.
Features that are missing from UNICOM Intelligence tabulation require extra steps to be run in the data management script.
The UNICOM Intelligence data management components, the scripting engine, and the associated data model components require further optimization.
This white paper provide guidelines for improving DMS performance and describes how the UNICOM Intelligence releases have addressed various DMS performance issues.
Data management performance
Performance improvement suggestions for the following data management areas are provided:
Data Source Components (DSCs). The section provides a performance summary for the core DSCs and provides recommendations for which DSCs should be used in various situations.
Data management event scripts. Describes the on-going project for improving performance in data management scripts, and provides general scripting guidelines for improving performance and guidelines for common data management tasks.
Tabulation. Describes performance improvements that are were in the UNICOM Intelligence 5.6 and 6 releases, and provides guidelines for simplifying tabulation tasks and improving performance.
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