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Learning mrScriptBasic
The scripting constructs in mrScriptBasic are generalized and you add application-specific logic using the relevant object models. If you know Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), or VBScript, much of the mrScriptBasic syntax will be familiar already. If you have worked with the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model, you might already be familiar with the expression evaluation and UNICOM Intelligence Function Library.
For an introduction to using objects, see Introduction to objects.
For a detailed reference to the mrScriptBasic language, see mrScriptBasic language reference.
For a summary of the differences between mrScriptBasic and VBScript, see How does mrScriptBasic compare to VBScript?.
For a summary of additional differences between mrScriptBasic and Visual Basic, see How does mrScriptBasic compare to Visual Basic?.
For details of mrScriptBasic expression evaluation, see Expression evaluation.
For details of the functions you can use with mrScriptBasic, see UNICOM Intelligence Function Library.
For examples of using mrScriptBasic, see mrScriptBasic examples.
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