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Naming conventions
Variable and element names defined in mrScriptBasic must follow the rules for regular identifiers:
The identifier must contain between 1 and 128 characters.
The first character must be one of the following:
a letter as defined by the Unicode Standard 3.0. The Unicode definition of letters includes Latin characters a-z and A-Z, in addition to letter characters from other languages.
_ (underscore symbol).
Subsequent characters can be:
letters as defined in the Unicode Standard 3.0
decimal numbers from either Basic Latin or other national scripts
one of the following symbols: @ $ # _
The identifier can be any of the mrScriptBasic reserved words. These include all mrScriptBasic statement names, constant names, keywords, and so on. mrScriptBasic is case insensitive and so these words are reserved regardless of whether they are used in uppercase, lowercase, or a mixture of case.
Embedded spaces or special characters are not allowed.
Unicode Standard 3.0 definition of a letter
The Unicode Standard 3.0 definition of a letter is “This informative property applies to characters that are used to write words. This group includes characters such as capital letters, small letters, ideographs, hangul, and spacing modifier letters.” Refer to the Unicode Standard for the letter property mappings.
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