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Personal: Contact Outcomes
The Contact Outcomes settings allow you to set the personal interviewing outcome options.
Interviewers working on a personal interviewing project are provided with a list of contact outcome codes from which they must select the outcome of each interview they conduct. UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin comes with a default list of contact outcome codes that cover most requirements, so you should never need to build a call outcome list from scratch.
The contact outcome code number.
The contact outcome name.
The contact outcome description. This is the text that the interviewer sees.
Show During Interview
Specify which codes must be available while interviews are in progress; for example, an Abandoned Interview code can be selected if a participant starts an interview but then refuses to complete it.
Show Appointment Page
Specify which codes should prompt the interviewer to arrange a future appointment with the participant. When interviewers select one of these outcomes they are prompted to enter a future date and time.
Cancel Code
Specify which code should be used for canceled interviews. This returns the participant record to the Sample Management system with the appropriate code so that the record can be returned to the queue from which it was selected.
Always Hidden
Select which codes are always hidden from interviewers. Typically, these are contact outcomes that are chosen automatically by UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin.
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