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Participants: Fields
The Fields settings allow you to specify which fields will be present in the sample table and provides various field configuration options.
With phone interviewing support
When selected, the project allows outbound telephone interviewing.
This is a list of the fields that are (or will be) in the sample table and how they will be used.
Fields to make available to the sample management script. Cancel any that are not used by the sample management script (you cannot cancel required fields).
Fields whose contents are used only by the interview script become available during interviews and need not be selected here.
Fields to use for authenticating inbound callers taking Web interviews. Choose the fields you want to use and cancel any you do not.
If you need to be able to select specific participant records, you should select the Id field because this is a key to the database and is guaranteed to contain a unique value for each record.
If you authenticate on a field that might contain non-unique values, the sample management system will select the first record whose value in that column matches the values specified in the sample management script.
Field names. You cannot modify these settings.
Encrypts the value. The field is automatically decrypted for users who have permission to display its value.
Default values to be inserted into empty fields. Fields with no default values will have a null value. You can specify your own defaults as long as the values are consistent with the fields' data types and lengths.
The type of data in the field. You cannot change the data type of required fields.
The number of characters that can be held in a text field. You cannot change the length of required fields.
Refer to Uploading participant records for information about the field parameters you can change.
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