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Image Capture
The Image Capture feature is implemented as a text question with a question template and associated JavaScript. The image name is stored as the text data. Images are stored as RespondentFiles on the interviewing workstation and synchronized to the server. The images can be accessed in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer Server Administration Files activity. For information about the RespondentFiles location and file naming conventions, see “Respondent files” in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer Server Administration User’s Guide. The Image Upload Wizard question item in the UNICOM Intelligence Author Library provides a simple method for implementing the Image Capture feature.
The Image Upload Wizard consists of a single page that gathers the question name and text for the image question.
Image capture questions display with an area for the image alongside Capture, Browse, and Delete buttons.
Image Upload question buttons
Opens the camera window, allowing the interviewer to capture an image.
Opens a file browser window, allowing the interviewer to select and upload PNG or JPEG formatted images.
Deletes the current image.
Rotate left/right
After capturing an image, you can use the rotate buttons to manually change the image orientation.
Prerequisites for image capture
The image capture feature requires the following prerequisites.
Microsoft Silverlight 5. The interviewer must have Silverlight installed to conduct surveys that include image captures. The 64-bit UNICOM Intelligence version requires the 64-bit Silverlight 5 version; the 32-bit UNICOM Intelligence version requires 32-bit Silverlight 5 version.
The required Silverlight 5 version (32-bit or 64-bit) relates to the UNICOM Intelligence version and has no relationship with the Microsoft Windows version. For example, the 32-bit UNICOM Intelligence version on 64-bit Windows requires the 32‑bit Silverlight 5 version.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and compatibility mode. When working with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 web browser, you must ensure that the Interviewer URL is not listed in the compatible view list (Tools > Compatibility Tools Settings > Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View). You must also ensure that the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View setting is not selected.
The image capture question is implemented as a normal text question with a question template and associated JavaScript. Survey authors can deselect Response required in UNICOM Intelligence Author, or set the Question.MustAnswer property to False in the routing script, when the image question is optional.
Selecting Microsoft Silverlight’s default capture devices
1 Open the Microsoft Silverlight Configuration utility, and then click the Webcam/Mic tab.
2 Select the capture devices, and then click OK.
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