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Completing case entry
The Data Entry Player considers a case to be complete once all possible entries are made for an individual survey. A dialog displays, notifying you that the last case entry was made, after the last entry within a case is confirmed. You are also asked if you want to start another case.
If you select Yes, to indicate that you want to key another case, all of the data from the last case is cleared and the Data Entry Player starts back at the beginning of the keying sequence. If you select No, to indicate that you are not going to continue keying, the Data Entry Player window closes and returns to the project’s Case List.
A survey can be completed as a result of an entry that runs a logical sequence that skips the remaining survey variables. Once the skip occurs, and the Data Entry Player reaches the final variable, the ending dialog is displayed to ask if you want to key another case.
If you select Exit from the Data Entry Player’s File menu, or click the X button in the top right corner of the title bar, the Data Entry Player closes without completing the case. All data keyed up to that point is saved, however more data remains to be keyed. For more information, see Suspending case entry.
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