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Editing a completed case
Data can be edited for surveys that have completed entry. This is accomplished by selecting the case in the Case List window. When selected, the Data Entry Player opens and the survey along with its data.
Selecting a variable
When a survey is opened in the Data Entry Player, you can navigate the Question List Panel to locate and edit prior entries. For more information, see Navigating the Question List panel. Highlight the row for the variable that requires editing.
When the appropriate row is highlighted within the Question List Panel, the Data Entry Player displays the variable’s information in the Entry, Question Text, and Response List (if applicable) panels. The previously keyed entry is visible in the Entry Panel.
Re-completing entry
When all editing is complete, you can re-complete the case by selecting File -> Exit from the toolbar. The Data Entry Player recognizes that all data is complete and returns your view to the Case List.
Edit case data before it is uploaded into a data file. If a case is edited after an upload, you will need to take measures to ensure that the corrected data is included in the final data set.
Behavior with survey logic
Editing a previous entry might cause the Question List Panel to automatically change other responses. This is typically the result of survey logic that was implemented by the survey author. For more information, see Editing and survey logic.
Editing previous entries