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Example timeline
The following diagram shows the processing of a hypothetical DMS file.
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
InputDataSource section
Defines a connection to a relational MR database that stores dirty data collected using UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add-on.
Deletes all test data from the database.
Selects a subset of variables that are suitable for analysis and all completed non-test cases.
Metadata section
This defines a numeric variable to be used to hold weighting defined using the Weight component in the OnJobEnd Event section, and some filter and banner variables that will be required during analysis.
OutputDataSource section
Defines a connection to the data source that will receive the clean case data. This could be a new or existing, file or database.
Defines the name and path of the new .mdd file that will define the structure of the output data source.
OnBeforeJobStart Event section
This defines card and column specifications in the input data source for use when transferring case data to a Quantum .dat file.
OnJobStart Event section
Sets up various global variables that are required in the OnNextCase and OnBadCase Event sections, including a text file for reporting purposes.
OnNextCase Event section
This section contains cleaning code that will be applied to each case that is in the transfer.
OnBadCase Event section
This section contains reporting code that will be executed for each case that has failed validation and will not be transferred to the output data source.
OnJobEnd Event section
Closes the report file and uses the Weight component to set up weighting in the numeric variable defined in the Metadata Section.
Understanding the process flow