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Breaking up long lines in the DMS file
A long statement can be broken into multiple lines using the line-continuation characters:
(a space followed by an underscore)
Doing this can make your code easier to read, both online and when printed.
There are some restrictions on where you can break lines. For example, you cannot break a line in the middle of a connection property. However, you can break a connection string, provided the individual properties are intact. In addition you cannot use a line continuation character in #include or #define statements.
Here is an example of a connection string in the InputDataSource section that has been broken into several lines using the line-continuation characters:
InputDataSource(myInputDataSource, "My input data source")
  ConnectionString = "Provider=mrOleDB.Provider.2; _
       Data Source=mrDataFileDsc; _
  Location=C:\Program Files\UNICOM\Intelligence\<version>\DDL\Data\Data _
       Collection File\museum.ddf; _
Initial Catalog=C:\Program Files\UNICOM\Intelligence\<version>\DDL\ _
Data\Data Collection File\museum.mdd" End InputDataSource
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