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Objects in the OnAfterMetaDataTransformation Event section
In an OnAfterMetaDataTransformation Event section, the Data Management Object Model (DMOM) registers the Job object with the mrScriptBasic engine and it is available as an intrinsic variable called dmgrJob. You can access all of the properties on the Job object in this Event section except for the Questions collection, which is not available.
The Job object gives you access to the input and output metadata through the TransformedInputMetaData and TransformedOutputMetaData properties. These properties are designed to enable you to set up card, column, and punch definitions and other custom properties in the input and output metadata. It is important that you do not make any changes to the structure of the input or output metadata in this section. For example, you should not add or delete variables or categories or change a variable's data type.
The OnAfterMetaDataTransformation Event section requires an input metadata source. This means that you cannot use this Event section in a case data-only transfer or when are using a non-UNICOM IntelligenceData Model OLE DB provider to read the data.
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