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WinDMSRun window: Script tab
The Script tab in the WinDMSRun window displays the contents of the DMS file that you have defined on the WinDMSRun window: Normal tab. You can save the file using the Save and Save As commands on the File menu and you can validate it using the Validate Job command on the Tools menu.
You can also edit the code on the Script tab and add new sections, such as Event and Metadata sections. However, working on the Script tab is not the same as working in UNICOM Intelligence Professional or a text editor, because each time you switch between the tabs or save and reopen your file, WinDMSRun regenerates the code. For example, WinDMSRun expands any #Include and #Define statements and removes comments between sections. In fact, switching between the two tabs is like using the /a and /norun options in DMS Runner to save the expanded file without running it.
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