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Modelling in the Presentation View layer
In Cognos Framework Manager, create the Dimensions query subjects that include values for all dimension questions at each level.
Create a Measures folder that includes query subjects for each measure variable at the same level, based on a filtered fact view.
Create a namespace for the loop variables. There should be a namespace for each loop, including the Dimensions Query Subject and the Measures Folder.
Set the serial variables for all properties (such as serial, PersonSerial, and so on). When serial is used as the measure variable in Cognos Report Studio, the Aggregation function is Count distinct. Otherwise the default is Sum.
Set view or column item labels in order to surface the question labels in the package. Cognos supports multiple languages. In order to make question labels visible to Cognos report users, the question labels from the .mdd file are surfaced.
Set the appropriate language (based on the variable name) under the Name column.
Set the appropriate languages (based on the variable label) under the Description column.
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