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Filtering on the interview status
When data is collected using UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server, the DataCollection.Status system variable (see System variables) stores information about the status of the interview. DataCollection.Status is a multiple response variable that has the following categories:
The respondent completed the interview.
The interview is in progress.
The interview timed out, for example, because the respondent lost their connection or went to another page.
The interview was stopped by the script.
The interview was stopped by the respondent.
The interview was stopped because the interview system shut down.
The interview was terminated by the signal keyword.
The data was collected when the questionnaire was being tested.
This category counts interviews that have been reviewed by replaying them.
You can use this variable to filter the case data records according to the interview status. You do this by setting up a WHERE clause in the select query in the InputDataSource section. For example, if you want to restrict the export to data that comes from completed “real” (that is, not test) interviews, you could use the following:
SelectQuery = "SELECT * FROM vdata _
  WHERE (ContainsAny(DataCollection.Status, {completed})) _
  AND NOT (DataCollection.Status >= {test})"
Because it is common to analyze only completed “real” interview data, this filter is in most of the DMS sample files that are designed for use with mrIntervew. However, you can easily change the filter. For example, to include timed out interviews as well as completed ones, change the WHERE clause to:
SelectQuery = "SELECT * FROM vdata _
  WHERE (ContainsAny(DataCollection.Status, {completed, timedout})) _
  AND NOT (DataCollection.Status >= {test})"
If you want to include all of the data regardless of its interview status, you would remove the WHERE clause or replace it, as required.
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