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Listing and comparing versions
The UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library comes with some useful mrScriptBasic samples for use when working with multiversion projects:
This iterates through the versions in a named MDM Document, writing the name of each version to a text file.
This can be used to do a limited comparison of two or more versions of the metadata. The comparison is designed to detect whether the version changes mean that cases collected using one or more versions can be safely exported using another (typically later) version. At the top of the sample you specify the metadata file to be used and two or more of its major versions to be the “case data” versions and one version to be the “metadata” version. Categories and variables that appear in the designated “case data” versions but that are not in the designated “metadata” version are listed on the screen.
For more information, see Sample mrScriptBasic files.
Working with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server data