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DMOM scripting reference
The Data Management Object Model (DMOM) is a set of component objects that are designed specifically to facilitate data transformations. These objects are generally called from mrScriptBasic in the Event sections in the DataManagementScript (DMS) File. This section provides documentation of all of the DMOM objects that are exposed as objects in the DMS file.
To make the interview and data cleaning scripting as consistent as possible, the core of the UNICOM Intelligence Data Management and Interview object models (DMOM and IOM, respectively) have been shared. This means that the skills that you develop in scripting DMS files can also be used for interview scripting. This documentation covers the objects that are shared in the two object models and includes some properties and methods (such as the Question.Style property and Question.Ask method) that are designed for use in interview scripting and not for use in data management. This is noted in the documentation when it is relevant.
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