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DMOM programmer’s reference
This section provides a reference to the Data Management Object Model (DMOM) for programmers who are creating applications using the DMOM.
This section provides Visual Studio 7-style documentation and shows the syntax that is used in Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#. Although the description of the objects, properties, and methods are relevant to programming in Visual Studio 6, the syntax is slightly different. However, if you are using Visual Basic 6, you can use the Visual Basic object browser to find out the correct syntax. For more information, see Introduction to objects.
Data model object reference
The clean up of the ADO connections, and so on, on the Job object is not performed until the object is destroyed or the Load method is called. This means that after the Job object has been used to run a transformation, it cannot be used again until it is destroyed or you load a new DMS file.
When programming with DMOM, you must use a single-threaded apartment (STA). For example:
static int Main(string[] args)
Data Management reference