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UNICOM Intelligence Data Merge: Progress pane
When you display this pane, the data merge starts automatically. This pane displays the progress of the merge, and underlying script.
View script
The UNICOM Intelligence Data Merge tool creates and runs a data management script.
To run the merge again, click this button to display the script in the View Script dialog.
Click Save As to save the script as a data management script (.dms) file.
Click Copy All to copy the script so that you can then paste it into an existing UNICOM Intelligence Professional dms script file.
You can then run the script in UNICOM Intelligence Professional, for example to test the merge or to run the merge in batch mode. You can also edit the script as required, for example, to apply it to a different set of files, or to use the more advanced options available using UNICOM Intelligence Professional. For more information on running a data merge using UNICOM Intelligence Professional, see Merging case data.
You can stop the data merge script before it finishes, for example, to return to a previous pane to check your changes or to look at the script.
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