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Apply Looks dialog
In the Apply Looks dialog, you can apply Looks to questionnaire items and show cards. You need to open the Apply Looks dialog only once to apply Looks to all of the items and show cards in the questionnaire. If you want to reload the questionnaire definition (for example, in another language) using the same Looks, make sure that the Looks you apply to all of the items belong to the same Look group.
When you change the Looks that are applied to a questionnaire item, any changes that you have previously made directly to the item in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper will be lost. You should make changes to the questionnaire items themselves in the questionnaire definition by using one of the authoring tools and make changes to their formatting by using Looks.
Questionnaire items
A list of the items in the questionnaire and any show cards that have been defined for any of those items. The show cards appear in a separate folder after the questionnaire items.
To change the order of the items, select an option from the Order By list.
When the list is in type order, click the folders to expand them. You can select a folder and then select a Look to apply to all of the items in the folder. A blue marker next to an item's name indicates that you have changed the Look applied to it.
A list of the Looks that correspond to the type selected in the Questionnaire Items list. For example, if you select a numeric question in the Questionnaire Items list, the Looks list shows numeric Looks; if you select a single response question, the Looks list shows categorical Looks. You can either show the Looks in all of the available Look groups or just the Looks in the Look groups used in the document. Select the option that you want from the Show list. You can set the default option on the View tab in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper Options dialog.
Click the Look group folders to expand them. A red arrow next to a Look indicates that it is the Look applied to the item selected in the Questionnaire Items list. Looks and Look groups that appear in bold font are the defaults.
Displays the currently selected item as it will appear in the document with the selected Look applied to it. You can try out different Looks and see what they look like. Click in the preview pane to zoom in and out. The preview is not available when you select multiple items or when you select a folder in the Questionnaire Items list or Looks list.
When you point to a questionnaire item, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper displays the question or information text in a QuestionTip. Similarly, when you point at a Look, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper displays its description in a LookTip. You can turn off QuestionTips and LookTips on the View tab in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper Options dialog.
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