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View options
To change the way Looks and questionnaire items appear in the Apply Looks dialog, use the View tab in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper Options dialog. Changing these options does not change the way questionnaire items are formatted or the way Looks are saved.
To change viewing options
From the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper menu choose Options, and then click the View tab.
Displays the question text when you point at a question in a dialog.
Displays a Look's description when you point at a Look in a dialog.
Short names (if available)
Displays the short names of questionnaire items in dialogs instead of their names.
Order By
Sets the initial sort order for the list of questionnaire items in the Apply Looks dialog. You can sort the list by Position, Name, or Type. If you sort the list by Type, the list is shown as a number of folders, each folder containing a number of items of the same type. This option defines the initial sort order; you can change the sort order in the Apply Looks dialog.
Sets the initial display of Look groups in the Looks list. You can show either the Active Look group or All Look groups. If you select the Active Look group, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper lists only the Look groups that contain Looks that have been applied in the document. This option controls the initial display of the Looks list; you can change the display in the Apply Looks dialog.
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