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Logging into UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer
When logging into a non-synchronized environment (single‑computer use, or manual file transit)
1 Select None (local signon) from the Login to list.
2 Enter a valid user name, and then click Login.
The Interviewer Console and Project List windows appear.
The next step is Importing a project.
When logging into a synchronized environment (connection to UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Remote Admin server cluster)
1 Select the appropriate server cluster name from the Login to drop-down list.
When logging into a cluster, the user has access only to projects on only the selected cluster and offline projects that have been imported by that user. If you want to work with projects on a different cluster, log off and then login again, selecting a new cluster. Local logins have access to only imported projects.
2 Enter a valid user name and password, and then click Login.
The UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console opens.
Logging in with a password is required for all users in a synchronized environment. A valid login is required for users who operate in an environment that employs both synchronized and manual file transit.
The next step is Opening a project.
Login hints
Use None (local signon) only when operating in a non-synchronous environment.
Clicking Cancel closes the login window but not the Interviewer Console window. To return to the login window, select Login from the File menu, or press Alt+F, L.
Clicking Cancel closes UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer.
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