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Starting a new interview from within an interview
You can start an interview from within an interview. This is useful when you have a primary project that is used to decide which other project is best for a respondent, or you might want to run the second project multiple times for a single respondent.
This feature is similar to chaining (see Chaining projects for phone (CATI) interviews) but it is implemented slightly differently in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer. In UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer, the chained project is started from the interview script instead of from the sample management script. The primary Interviewer console remains on screen, but it is disabled. When the chained project completes, the primary Interviewer console is available again.
A _Console intrinsic is used to start the chained interview. The _Console.StartNewInterview method starts a new instance of the Interviewer console. The primary Interviewer console continues executing to the next question. When the chained interview completes or exits, the new console closes, and then the interviewer is returned to the primary Interviewer console.
If sample is used, it might be necessary to create a sample record for the chained project or to access the sample record to share data between the projects. The _Console.GetParticipantsFolder method returns the participant’s folder name for a specific project, so a connection string can be created to access the project.
If access is needed to other project information, other properties are available. For more information, see ‘The _Console object for Interviewer’ on page 1625.