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UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper toolbar
The UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper toolbar provides quick and easy access to common tasks. Hold the mouse pointer over a tool to display a ToolTip that briefly describes what the tool does.
Just like the other toolbars you use in Word, you can control the display of the Paper toolbar in several ways:
show or hide the toolbar
move the toolbar
customize the toolbar to contain the features you use most often.
Tools on the Paper toolbar
Load questionnaire definition button
Load questionnaire definition
Opens the Load dialog, in which you can select the questionnaire definition that you want to load, the initial Look group, and the required language and version of the questionnaire definition.
Update document button
Update document
Updates the current paper questionnaire with any changes made to the questionnaire definition in the authoring tool.
Apply Looks button
Apply Looks
Changes the Looks applied to questions and information items quickly and easily.
Open Look button
Open Look
Opens a Look so that you can modify it. You can modify formatting, the position of information, and which information from the questionnaire definition is hidden and which is displayed.
Save Look button
Save Look
Saves new or modified Looks.
Showing or hiding the toolbar
1 From the Word View menu, choose Toolbars.
2 Select or clear UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper toolbar.
Moving the toolbar
1 If the toolbar is docked, click the move handle. If the toolbar is floating, click its title bar.
2 Drag the toolbar where you want it.
Dragging it to the edge of the program window attaches it as a docked toolbar.
Dragging it to anywhere other than the window borders creates a floating toolbar.
Dragging the sides or corners of a floating toolbar changes the shape and arrangement of tools.
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