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Formatting the headings
When you loaded the questionnaire definition, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper applied the default information Look to all of the information items in the questionnaire.
Information items consist of text only and do not ask for a response. They are used for titles, headings, greetings, closings, and sometimes instructions. The default information Look in the Contemporary Look is called Statement and is suitable for greetings, closings, and instructions. However, the museum questionnaire has a title and three section headings; to format these so that they stand out from the other items, apply the Heading Look:
1 From the Paper menu, choose Apply Looks.
2 In the Order By box in the left pane, select Type.
3 Double-click the Information folder, which contains the information items.
The middle pane now displays Looks for formatting information items.
4 Click the title item in the left pane. (It is called title in museum_qq.mdd and title@info1 in museum_12f.mdd.)
5 Ctrl-click the three heading items in the left pane. (These are called head1, head2, and head3 in museum_qq.mdd and heading1@info1, heading2@info1, and heading3@info1 in museum_i2f.mdd.)
Now the four items are selected, and you can apply a Look to all of them at once.
6 Click the Heading Look in the middle pane.
The display in the Preview pane changes to show you what the last item you selected will look like when you apply the Heading Look.
7 Click OK.
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper displays a progress indicator while it applies the Heading Look to the title and three headings.
Final adjustments to the formatting of the Museum example
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