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Importing a project
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer provides the capability for projects, that were created by others, to be imported manually into your active Project List. Once imported, your UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer component has all of the information necessary to manage the project and carry out the entry of data.
If you are required to login to UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer, regardless of whether or not a password is required, you must import each project into your Project List. This is required even if you share a computer with one or more operators (when you import a project, it displays only in your personal Project List).
Importing a project
1 Click Import on the Project List window toolbar, or press ALT+I. The Open window appears.
2 Select the project file that you want to import. The project file you select must have a .dpz extension.
By default, deployment packages are saved to the C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Surveys directory (where <username> is the name of the user logged into Windows).
You can also directly import a project file by double-clicking it. This immediately starts the import process.
3 Click Open, or use the Tab and Enter keys to select the appropriate project file. An import confirmation dialog window appears.
4 Click OK.
The Project List updates to display the newly imported project.
After importing a project, see Opening a project.
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