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Creating your first UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server script
1 Open UNICOM Intelligence Professional.
2 From the menu, choose File > New > File.
3 Click Metadata File. Then, enter MyFirstInterview as the file name and click Open.
This creates your file in UNICOM Intelligence Professional. The Edit pane shows the metadata section of the file, which is where you define the questions and responses that make up the questionnaire. The metadata section contains a line similar to the one shown here:
Metadata(en-us, Question, label)

End Metadata
The language portion of the line (shown here as en–us) will vary according to the regional settings for your computer. For example, if your regional settings are set for the UK you will see en–GB instead.
4 Click the Web tab This graphic is described in the surrounding text. at the bottom of the Edit pane to view the Web Routing section of the file.
The Web Routing section is where you define the order in which questions are asked and the circumstances in which they should be asked (see Asking questions). A script can have different Routing sections for different contexts, such as Web, CATI and Paper. The default context is Web, so you see a Web Routing tab.
The Routing section contains the following script:

End Routing
5 Click the Save button or type Ctrl+S to save your file in a location of your choice. If you forget to do this, UNICOM Intelligence Professional will prompt you to save the file the first time that you test the script.
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