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Writing an information item
An information item displays text on the screen. You use it for texts that are not related to questions, such as page titles or instructions to respondents or interviewers.
In this tutorial, we'll use an information item to define a title for the questionnaire. When you run the interview, the information item looks like this:
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
1 Click the Metadata tab This graphic is described in the surrounding text. to go to the metadata section.
2 Enter a name for the information item. For this example, enter the name SurveyTitle:
Metadata(en-us, Question, label)
End Metadata
You do not have to indent your text as shown, but it makes the script clearer, and when you close and then reopen the script in UNICOM Intelligence Professional, the script will be indented as shown.
3 Enter the text that will be displayed during the interview. The text must be enclosed in double quotation marks:
Metadata(en-us, Question, label)
  SurveyTitle "Tea Survey"
End Metadata
4 Specify that this is an information item by adding the info keyword, and end the statement with a semicolon:
Metadata(en-us, Question, label)
  SurveyTitle "Tea Survey" info;
End Metadata
5 If the Browser tab is not selected at the foot of the screen, select it now.
6 Press F5 to run your script. You should see the survey title and two navigation buttons displayed on the Browser tab. (You might need to reselect the Browser tab if it is overlaid by another tab.)
7 Click the Stop button This graphic is described in the surrounding text. to stop the script.
You can press F5 to run your script at any time, to test that it is working as desired.
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