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Displaying multiple questions on one page
The interviewing program normally presents each question on a separate page. You can have several questions appear on the same page by using a page statement.
1 Enter the following questions:
Age "How old are you?" long [18..99];
Gender "Are you...?" categorical [1..1]
MaritalStatus "Are you .... ?" categorical [1..1]
  MarriedOrCohabiting "Married/Living with partner",
Income "What is your annual household income?" categorical [1..1]
  Under20K "Under 20,000",
  I20To30K "20,000 to 29,999",
  I30To40K "30,000 to 39,999",
  I40To50K "40,000 to 49,999",
  Over50K "50,000 or more"
2 Add a page statement that displays all four questions on the same page:
Demographics page(Age, Gender, MaritalStatus, Income);
3 Press F5 to run the script. The questions are displayed on separate pages. This is because you need to write a statement in the Routing section of the script that tells UNICOM Intelligence Professional or the interviewing program to display the Demographics page rather than the individual demographic questions. You will do this in the next section.
UNICOM Intelligence Professional with Interview Scripting.
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