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Changing the order in which questions are asked
As you ran the interview, you probably noticed that the order in which you defined the questions is not the best order in which to ask them. For example, it might be better to ask for the respondent’s email address only if the respondent wants to receive the online newsletter. You do not have to alter the order of questions in the metadata section in order to do this. Just change the order in which the questions are asked by the Routing section.
1 In the Routing section, cut and paste the lines for the GetNewsletter and Email questions so that they appear as the last questions in the interview and in the following order:
End Routing
2 We only want email addresses for respondents who want to receive the online newsletter, so we need to apply a filter to the Email question. Make the following highlighted additions to the Routing section:
If GetNewsletter.Response.Value = True Then
End If
3 Press F5 to run an interview. When you reach the GetNewsletter question, click the check box and then click Next. The Email question will be displayed. When you finish the first interview, click F5 again to run another interview and this time when you reach GetNewsletter, click Next without clicking the check box. The Email question will not be asked.
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