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What is an interview script?
You write interview scripts in the mrScriptBasic language, which is based on Visual Basic, and mrScriptMetadata. mrScriptBasic and mrScriptMetadata were developed so that market research data types and expression evaluation can be supported natively in the script, something that is not possible in Visual Basic or Java.
Unlike scripts written with some other interview scripting tools, interview scripts written in mrScriptBasic and mrScriptMetadata make a distinction between metadata (the questions and responses) and routing (the logic that controls when and how questions are asked, how questions and responses are presented, and who sees which questions). This distinction makes it easier to reuse both metadata and routing either for new questionnaires or for different modes of interviewing on the same questionnaire.
Interview scripts have an .mdd file extension. You can edit them using any text editor, but UNICOM Intelligence Professional offers a full-featured development environment for interview scripting.
An interview script has two or three sections depending on the requirements of the interview. These are the Metadata, Routing, and Events sections.
Interview scripts: Metadata section
Interview scripts: Routing section
Interview scripts: Events
Viewing the routing and metadata
Writing interview scripts