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IOM object
The IOM refers to the interview as a whole, and its properties define characteristics that either apply to the whole interview or act as defaults unless overridden at a lower level. The objects and properties you are most likely to use are as follows:
A collection of Label objects that can be used to display titles at the top of interview pages.
A list of Style objects, one for each of the standard page elements so that default styles can be set for the interview.
A collection of Label objects, one for each of the standard error messages. You can use this property to replace the default messages with texts of your own, or to define the appearance of the message texts.
The default interviewing language for multilingual scripts.
The page template to use. (Other Template properties are available for specific items on a the page.)
Whether respondents might leave questions unanswered (that is, click Next without entering or selecting a response).
A collection of Navigation objects.
The page object for the next page. This gives you access to page level properties for the next page, and is a good way to change a default setting for one page only.
The property has not yet been implemented, and is reserved for future use.
A list of questions in the script.
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