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Questions and responses
You define all the questions in the questionnaire in the metadata section of the interview script. You can write the metadata for your interview in UNICOM Intelligence Professional, or you can import metadata that has been created with another interview tool, such as Build on the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin platform.
The interviewing program recognizes a number of different question and response types. The interview scripting language uses the following keywords to identify these types:
A question requiring a True or False value as the response.
A question requiring the respondent to select one or more answers from a predefined list of responses.
A question requiring a date and/or time as the response.
A question requiring a numeric response that can contain decimals.
A question requiring a whole number response.
A question requiring a text response.
This section also covers the following:
Non-alphanumeric characters in question and response texts. See Special characters in question and response texts.
Using HTML tags in question and response texts. See Using HTML tags in question and response texts.
The Ask statement that you use in the routing section to ask the questions you have defined in the metadata section. See Asking questions.
Keywords for No Answer, Don't Know, Refused to Answer, and Other Specify responses. See Special responses.
Allowing respondents not to answer questions
Questions with no columns in the case data file
Setting default answers
Setting initial values
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