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Questions with no columns in the case data file
You can define questions that have no columns allocated for saving responses in the case data file. The questions can still be asked in the normal way, and any answers given will be available for use during the interview. However, because there are no columns for the question in the case data file, the responses will be lost at the end of the interview.
You might want to do this when you want to verify information given earlier in the interview or read in from the respondent’s sample record. The interview script might contain questions that display the information to be verified and ask whether or not it is correct. If the information is correct, the respondent answers Yes and there is nothing more to do. If the information is incorrect, the respondent is prompted to correct it. Either way, you are unlikely to want to keep the responses to the verification questions themselves.
To define questions that do not require the case data to be saved, place the nocasedata keyword at the end of the question as shown in the following example.
FullName "What is your full name?" text nocasedata;
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