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Sorting subsections and the responses in the subsections
Place the appropriate ordering keywords at the ends of the subsections and also at the end of the response list as a whole. For example, if the question is defined as:
Perception3 "What things would you mention about the Internet
    if you were describing it to a friend?" categorical [1..]
Favorable "Good things"
EasytoUse "Easy to use",
LotsOfInfo "Access to a lot of information",
PeopleLikeMe "Can chat to people with same interests",
BuyOnline "Good way to buy goods/services"
} ran,
Unfavorable "Bad things"
NotReliable "Not a secure way to make purchases",
BadExperience "I had a bad experience in the past",
NotPrivate "Need to guard personal information",
Difficult "It's difficult to find appropriate web sites"
} ran
} rot;
the interviewing program will display favorable comments before unfavorable ones for one interview and then display unfavorable comments before favorable ones for the next interview. In addition, the responses within each section will be sorted in an identical random order.
Interview page showing sorted responses within sorted subsections
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
You can specify the same sorting in the routing section using:
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