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Using one list in another list
You can create a shared list by using the contents of other shared lists, in much the same way that you use two or more shared lists to generate the complete response list for a question.
In the metadata section, type:
Name define {
ListName1, ...
  use ListNamen
The name of the main list.
ListName1 to ListNamen
The names of the shared lists you want to include in the main list.
If you combine lists that have responses in common you must namespace the lists when you name them in the main list to ensure that each response is given a unique name. For more information, see When the same response appears in more than one list.
AllBrands define
use BrandList,
use OrganicBrands
BrandList define
DairyFresh "Dairy Fresh"
OrganicBrands define
HelenBradley "Helen Bradley's",
KentishFarm "Kentish Farm",
NaturesWay "Nature's Way Organic"
Unaided "When I mention the word yogurt, which brand names do
you think of?" categorical [1..]
use AllBrands
This produces the following interview page:
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
This example is a variation of the one that shows how to use two or more shared lists with a question. See Using a shared list as a response list for a question for that example.
Another thing you might want to do in this example is display subheadings to make it clear which are the organic brands and which are not. To set this up, see Subheadings with shared lists.
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