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Response indentation with subheadings
When a shared list has subheadings, the interviewing program indents the responses below their respective subheadings, making it clear that the subheadings are texts rather than selectable responses. The interviewing program applies this indentation automatically until either it reaches the end of the subsection (a closing curly brace or another sublist keyword) or it reads a response that has a different indent specified. Indentation is one of a response’s many style properties, along with size, color, and font effect. To reset a response back to the default indentation, type:
in the response line after the response text. You might want to do this with response lists that use a combination of shared lists and special responses such as No answer or Don't know. Here’s an example:
FruitKnow "Which brands of fruit yogurt can you name?" categorical [1..]
  use BrandList sublist "Non-organic brands"
  use OrganicBrands sublist "Organic brands"
  OtherBrands "Other (specify)" style(indent=0) other
  NoBrands "None" style(indent=0) na
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