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Using shared lists with special responses
Although you will often want to use the special No Answer, Don't Know, Refused, and Other Specify responses with shared lists, it is not usual to include them in a shared list unless you want those responses to be available to all questions that use that list. Instead, you will normally define these responses separately within the questions that require them:
FlavorList define
Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Pineapple, Mango,
BlackCherry "Black cherry", Apricot
FlavorLike "Which flavors of yogurt do you like?" categorical [1..]
use FlavorList,
LikeOtherFlavor "Other (specify)" other fix,
LikeNoAnswer "No answer" na
} asc;
This example sorts the yogurt flavors alphabetically from A to Z and appends Other Specify and No answer in that order to the end of the list. Because the question allows multiple choice, No answer is flagged as a single choice answer.
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