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Conditional actions
Conditional actions are those that might or might not happen during an interview, and are most often concerned with determining which questions a respondent should answer. For example, you will only want to ask respondents for opinions of products that they have tried, or will not want to ask questions about children if the respondent has no children.
Conditional actions are based on the result of comparing a response or the result of a logical expression against a given value or set of values. The expression states the conditions that must be satisfied in order for an action to be carried out. If the respondent does not satisfy the requirements of the expression, then the conditional actions are ignored.
There are two statements associated with conditional actions, both of which can appear in the routing section of the interview script.
Execute statements based on the value of a logical expression. See If...Then...Else.
Select Case
Execute statements based on the value of a variable or question. See Select Case.
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