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Save points for single questions that are asked multiple times
When a question is asked more than once in a script because there are multiple .Ask() statements for it, you need to specify both the question name and the “on-path position” for the save point you want to return to. To understand what the “on path position” is, consider the following script:
Assuming that there is nothing in the script that skips any of the .Ask() statements, the respondent answers Q1 three times. The save point for the first Q1.Ask() is just called Q1. The save point for the second Q1.Ask() is Q1–1 because there is already one on-path save point for Q1. The save point for the third Q1.Ask() is Q1–2 because there are already two on-path save points for Q1. So, the statements to go back to the three save points from the end of the script are:
' Back to first Q1.Ask()
' Back to second Q1.Ask()
' Back to third Q1.Ask()
If there is routing in the script that prevents the second Q1.Ask() from being executed, there will be only two save points: Q1 for the first Q1.Ask() and Q1–1 for the third Q1.Ask().
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