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Reviewing completed interviews
Interviewers and supervisors can review completed interviews. Interviewers sometimes use this facility as a means of entering text responses that they have written down during the course of the interview. Supervisors use the review process as a means of quality control and can review any interview that has been completed. The following points summarize the things you as a scriptwriter might need to know about reviewing interviews.
You can use the IOM.Info.IsReview property to check whether the interview is being reviewed after completion. This allows you to skip statements such as quota checks that are not appropriate when reviewing interviews.
Review mode always keeps all off-path data. This ensures that all data gathered during the original interview is available even if the reviewer changes an answer that results in a different path through the script
When interviews are reviewed, they are replayed to the end but do not complete. Instead, the last page is returned to the reviewer. Similarly, if the reviewer goes to the last page of the interview, the last page of the interview is displayed but the interview does not complete and the LastQuestionAsked property is not updated.
The Stop button stops the review process and saves any modifications to answers on the current page.  This differs from clicking Stop during the interview, where any selections or input in the current page are discarded. Note that since the interview keeps off-path data and LastQuestionAsked is not updated, the interview will still appear to have been completed.
A Reject button is displayed so that reviewers can reject interviews that are invalid for some reason (perhaps the interviewer falsified some answers and the reviewer does not want to continue the review). This button is displayed as part of the interview page’s XML and is not part of the standard set of navigation buttons available through IOM.Navigations.
If the TextQuestionsOnly interview property is True, only questions with text are presented for review. Questions that have Other Specify categories are also presented if those categories have answers. When an interview is started in this mode, the interviewing program displays the last page asked that contains a text question. The “goto” list of available questions shows only pages that contain text questions.
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