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Sub-templates for block and page questions
A question template that is applied to a block or page can contain multiple mrData Tags (the <mrData Index=”CCC”> attribute can be used). The Index attribute is supported by the mrData element in the LayoutTemplate.
Take the following metadata script as an example:
Metadata(en-US, Question, Label)
Disclosure "We do not disclose your personal details to anyone
outside our company."

HowUseAnswers "The answers you give to the following questions
will be used for analysis purposes only."

FirstName "What is your first name?"
text [1..20];

Job "What is your position in your company?"
categorical [1..1]
IntScriptwriter " Interview scriptwriter",
SMScriptwriter "Sample management scriptwriter",
SysAdmin "System administrator",
PhoneSupervisor "Phone room supervisor",
ProjMan "Project manager",
Interviewer "Interviewer",
Coder "Coder"

Age "How old are you?"
long [1 .. 200];

Demographics "Demographics"
End Metadata
The resulting Default Template.htm and Default Question Template.htm are:


<mrData Index="2" />
<mrData Index="1" />
<mrData />
<mrNavBar />
  <mrData Index="1"/>
  <mrData Index="2"/>
  <mrData QuestionElement='Controls'/>
  <mrData QuestionElement='Label'/>
<mrData QuestionElement='Error' />
The routing script is defined as:
IOM.LayoutTemplate = "Default Template.htm"
Demographics.QuestionTemplate = "Default Question Template.htm"

End Routing
The rendered HTML contains the QuestionElement’s Control and Label elements, and well as the Question template’s Index element.