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Tags for questionnaire items
Use the following tags to define the appearance of question texts, banner texts, and error messages:
Question text
Question <table> tag
Grid question header text
Grid category header text
Banner texts
Error messages
Single response buttons
Multiple response buttons
Single choice response text
Multiple choice response text
Answer boxes for numeric and text responses
Drop-down list boxes
List boxes
Next navigation button
Previous navigation button
First navigation button
Last navigation button
Stop navigation button
Goto navigation button
Drop-down goto navigation button
Other question text
Other answer boxes for numeric and text responses
Subheadings in a category list
For example:
body {background-color:#D9DAFF}
  .mrBannerText {font-family:Tahoma; font-size:12pt;
      font-style:italic; color:#800080}
  .mrQuestionText {font-family:Tahoma; font-size:12pt;   color:#000080}
.mrSingleText {font-family:Times; font-size:12pt; color:#008080}
.mrMultipleText {font-family:Times; font-size:12pt; color:#008080}
.mrErrorText {font-family:Tahoma; font-size:10pt; color:red}
produces the following output (the bold text for Do not drink tea is the result of the exclusive flag on that response in the questionnaire script, rather than a setting in the .css file):
Page showing effects of .css definitions
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
The following tags apply only to interviews run using the CATI keyboard player:
Question name displayed before the question
Unselected questions when multiple questions are displayed on a page
The selected question when multiple questions are displayed on a page.
Input boxes for unselected questions
Input box for the selected question
Unselected categorical responses
Selected categorical responses
Unselected category input codes (this is the style set for the number shown inside the brackets, for example, [1] Red)
Selected category input codes
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