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Keywords for data analysis
If the data for your project will be analyzed using UNICOM Intelligence products such as UNICOM Intelligence Reporter - Survey Tabulation or UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, you can include keywords in the script that will take effect only in those products. For example, if you have a five-point rating scale response list, you might want to assign a factor to each response so that a mean rating score can be calculated when the data is tabulated. Alternatively, you might want to create some additional elements in a numeric response list that will appear in tables but not in the interview. Statistics such as means are typical tabulation-only elements.
Metadata keywords
Specifies element definitions for analysis elements
Specifies element types for analysis elements
Defines conditions for inclusion in an analysis element
Specifies factors for statistics based on categorical data
Increments counts by the respondent’s value in a numerical variable, rather than by 1, see Incrementing cell counts by the value of a numeric variable
Defining analysis requirements
Base elements
Statistical elements
Analysis subheading elements
Totals and subtotals
Analysis-only elements
Categorical bands for numeric, text, and date responses
Different response texts for interviews and analyses
Combining categorical responses in analyses
Additional variables for analysis only
Incrementing cell counts by the value of a numeric variable
Analysis options in shared lists.
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