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Creating the wizard
The Wizard prompts the user for information when the user attempts to insert a questionnaire wizard item in UNICOM Intelligence Author. When the user has entered the required information, the Wizard generally modifies an in-memory version of the Source. This modified version of the Source is then inserted into the Target (the .mdd file currently open in UNICOM Intelligence Author).
One or more Source .mdd files point to a Wizard through the WizardPath parameter. Because more than one Source .mdd file can point to a single Wizard, you can use the same Wizard to gather details for multiple Source files.
The wizard engine automatically inserts the following variable definitions into the routing script:
A Document object that references the source document that is being inserted. The object is an in-memory copy of the document that is inserted into the Source.mdd file upon completion of the wizard.
A Document object that references a copy of the Target.mdd file. The object is provided for informational purposes only; changes to this document do not affect the actual Target file.
The full path, including the file name for the Target.mdd file. The path is useful if the wizard must write a file to the project directory.
For an example Wizard script, see UNICOM Intelligence Author questionnaire wizard examples.
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