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Example setup for debugging
All of the wizards have a debugging section that you can use as an example. The section includes functions that support loading the target_mtd and setting up other required intrinsics.
The following example shows the wizard setup for debugging in UNICOM Intelligence Professional :
' Set to True when debugging in Professional and uncomment the Dim statement
Dim target_mtd, tables_selected[]

' Initialize the tables document for quicker testing
' Reporter_ChooseMTD.Response.Initial = ".\Test.mtd"

Set target_mtd = LoadTarget(CText(Reporter_ChooseMTD.Response))

' Initialize the tables question used to mimic Reporter
InitializeItemList(target_mtd.Tables, Reporter_Select.Tables)

' Ask the user to select tables
Reporter_Select.QuestionFilter = "Tables"

' Convert the responses to match what Reporter would normally send
CreateTablesSelected(target_mtd, Reporter_Select.Tables, tables_selected)

' For testing purposes, the LayoutTemplate and Question_Templates_Files directory must be local
' When running from reporter the TemplateLocation is set to the Templates directory
IOM.LayoutTemplate = "Wizard_Layout.htm"
End If
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