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Example wizard metadata
The following metadata example shows the question displayed by the Format cell items wizard:
SpecifyFormatExpression "Specify format expressions for table '{InsertTable}'<br/><br/>Table examples:<br/>To format a cell item
as currency: <b>Format(Value, 'c')</b><br/>To setup the date format dd:hh:mm for a duration: <b>MakeString(Format(Value / 86400,
'f0', , 2057), 'd:', Format(DateAdd(0,'s', Value mod 86400), 't', , 2057)</b>)<br/>To display a numeric value in scientific
format with five decimal places (for example, 2.34567e+003): <b>Format(Value, 'e5')</b><br/><br/>Profile examples:<br/>To
truncate texts: <b>Left(CText(Value), 50)</b><br/>To display the category value instead of the name: <b>Format(Value, 'a')</b>"
use ItemList -
} fields -
FormatExpression "Format expression"
Width = "40em",
Type = "SingleLineEdit"
text [0..1000];

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