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Sample management scripts
The key to sample management is the sample management script, which is a text file with a .mrs filename extension. The script controls any or all of the following:
how a respondent is validated against the sample table
the interview or web page to which respondents are routed when they pass or fail authentication
the web page to which respondents are routed when they end an interview, if different from the default set when the project is activated
selecting of records for dialing
setting appointment times when the respondent asks to be interviewed at a later date or time
setting callback times for calls that are busy or unanswered when called
rescheduling missed appointments and callbacks
quota control checks made before respondents start an interview. These checks might restrict the number of respondents taking a single survey, or they might determine which one of a number of surveys the respondent takes
what happens to the sample record when an interview ends
moving the sample records between queues
checking and changing some of the project and interview properties. For more information, see Project and interview properties.
You can write sample management scripts using the UNICOM Intelligence scripting language. You specify the script to be used for a project during activation.
The UNICOM Intelligence scripting language is the recommended language for sample management scripts for UNICOM Intelligence projects; convert any old VBScript scripts that you want to continue using as soon as possible. For more information, see Converting .sam scripts into .mrs format.
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