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Replicates are a mechanism for making sets of participant records available for dialing. The sets of participant records can be grouped based on a particular meaning (specific day of the week for example) or can be arbitrary groups representing a portion of the available participant records.
The record sets are defined by applying replicate identifiers to each participants record's Queue field. These identifiers allow you to determine which replicates are being dialed.
Replicates are simply different queues, for example you could specifyQueue='REPLICATE1' for the first replicate (or Queue='MIDWEST1' for the region specific replicate). Uploading participant records that contain replicate identifiers does not make them immediately available for dialing. You must first release the replicates by updating the participant table. For example:
UPDATE ParticipantTable SET Queue='FRESH' WHERE Queue='REPLICATE1'
This can be performed in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server's Participants activity. You can report on Queue by any other field. For example, a report of Queue by Region would show how many records are available in each replicate (as well as all the other queues) for each Region.
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