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Interviewing activity codes
The sample management system has three codes that, while not exactly call outcome codes, are still related to activity on a project that uses a dialer. These Interviewing activity codes appear in sample management history records and in monitoring and dialer reports, and are as follows:
Activity codes
The interviewer is using the Phone Participants activity but is not engaged in a call. For example, they might be waiting between the start of Phone Participants and choosing the Dial button.
The interviewer is waiting for a record to be returned. The interviewing engine might be retrieving a sample record, dialing the call, or returning the sample record as busy or to the interviewer.
The time spent dialing a call that results in a connection. It is included in the Interviewer_Wait time, and is recorded in the history table against the __AutoDial interviewer, and appears in the Answer Time Distribution report.
Call_Connect is also used in the Silent Call Statistics report to count the number of calls where a respondent answered the call.
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